32 Categories of Websites, Apps And Hardware For the Efficient Entrepreneur

We have gathered 32 categories of websites, apps, and hardware that will increase your productivity and help you through daily tasks.

Starting Your Company

1. Developing Business Ideas

2. Finding and registering brand names, slogans and domains for your company and products

3. Getting low-cost or free legal tips and templates

4. Finding and sharing office space and meeting facilities

5. Finding sales leads and suppliers, etc.

6. Develop business and marketing plans/business canvas

Buying gadgets that will make you efficient

  • Smartphone
  • Computer or tablet
  • Notebook/tablet and docking stations
  • Powerbank
  • Earplugs with microphone
  • Recording equipment
  • Mini-studio
  • Kindle e-book reader

Finding investors and getting funded

Performing marketing and PR activities (apart from social media)

7. Finding and connecting with journalists

8. Designing and producing branded items as T-Shirts, PowerPoint templates, business cards, etc.

Managing people and outsourcing

9. Doing crowdsourcing of work tasks

10. Becoming a professional board member- or managing your board

11. Hiring staff

Becoming and remaining well-informed

12. Reading summaries and recommended material about your business interests

13. Using the best (mainly) written sources about technologies, startups and venture businesses

14. Finding answers to specific questions

15. Following podcasts

16. Finding out what is trending in media - and getting alerts if it is about you

Using social media platforms

17. Finding the best platforms to post on

18. Managing your use of multiple social platforms

19. Creating online surveys and quizzes on social media

20. Improving the quality of your presentations and social media posts

Performing marketing research and control

21. Performing marketing research

22. Checking how well your social media activity is performing

23. Using dashboard tools to monitor the business

Creating and managing websites, e-commerce and blogs

24. Setting up websites

25. Doing online sales and marketing

26. Setting up webshops

27. Using drop shipping services for e-commerce

Making yourself and your team more efficient

28. Using general efficiency tools

29. Managing email activity better

30. Making online conferences

31. Managing patents and trademarks

32. Organizing work groups and internal communication, etc.

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